USAK Diplomacy Judge

Logo: Diplomats huddled in discussion seen through a mask of Switzerland.

USAK is a Diplomacy Judge, a play by email Diplomacy game server run by ASCII King Games. This is the site where you can get maps, enter orders and learn more about using the server.

The website is an additional front end for a play by email game server - the USAK Diplomacy Judge. USAK runs the latest stable version of the nJudge, a PBEM server application with over 20 years of history.

The judge keeper, Chris Babcock, writes the scripts that power this site. He uses the CRM114 scripting language because it is cool enough to make Internet standards and best practices almost fun.

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The files in the "data" directory are available from the judge using the "get" command - e.g. "get flist" for the list of files - as well as off this site. These are text files, so they don't have embedded links. You can use the index to surf to files in the file list. The most important files are listed below:

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